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countersunk head break head rivet

Product Brand:zhekun

surface treatment:Zinc, copper, nickel, tin

Standard number:National standard, IFI / DIN

Source category:Self produced

Material grade:Carbon steel, stainless steel

Product grade:environmental protection



Product introduction
  • Product name:countersunk head break head rivet
  • Product brand:zhekun
  • surface treatment:Zinc, copper, nickel, tin
  • Standard number:National standard, IFI / DIN
  • Source category:Self produced
  • Material grade:Carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Product grade:environmental protection
  • Is it foreign trade?:yes
  • Product specification:Turn 3x1.8, turn 3x2.1, turn 3x2.6, turn 3x2.8, turn 3x3.0, turn 3x3.3 (customizable)
countersunk head break head rivet

Strength manufacturers
Large quantity and preferential treatment
Map to sample
Non-standard customization
Product parameters

Video display
Product advantage
Selected raw materials01

Selected raw materials All materials are from regular suppliers and meet SGS certification and industry standards. Raw material test report can be provided

Fine workmanship02

Fine workmanship Adopt original imported equipment, 15 + years of production experience of technical personnel, to ensure the accuracy and stability of products layer by layer quality inspection

Level quality inspection03

Level quality inspection After 18 strict tests on tensile strength, corrosion resistance, hardness and service life, a third party test report is issued

Top 500 recognition04

Top 500 recognition Serving nearly 100 top 500 enterprises, some products are exported to Germany, South Korea, Japan, European and American countries

Product characteristics
Light weight

Light weight

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance

No rust

No rust

No deformation

No deformation

Scope of application
  • Chassis industryChassis industry
  • Automobile industryAutomobile industry
  • Server industryServer industry
  • windows industrywindows industry
  • Appliance industryAppliance industry
  • Computer industryComputer industry
Enterprise strength
Powerful manufacturer

Powerful manufacturer

More than 60 production teams, more than 10 production lines, the monthly output can reach 70 million, quickly meet the customer's customized needs;

Focus on rivet customization for nearly 10 years, with nearly 100 production equipment such as cold heading machine, etc., providing high-strength rivet product customization;


Customization strength

We have provided 10000 kinds of rivet schemes with different specifications and models for customers, which can be selected independently and widely used in various industries;

With nearly 30 years of rivet manufacturing technology experience, we can customize your products and provide a variety of personalized solutions;

Customization strength
On time delivery

On time delivery

Strong production capacity, standardized production management, convenient and quick logistics and distribution, to ensure that products can be delivered to customers quickly;

After the customer places an order, the plan can be made on the same day, 24 hours free proofing, 3-5 days fast shipment, without delaying the delivery time of the customer;


Intimate service

It can provide a series of services from scheme design, door-to-door delivery to technical guidance, and provide riveting tool maintenance guidance;

If there is any problem in the product quality, it shall be handled within 24 hours after receiving the notice, so as to solve all the problems for you and avoid your worries;

Intimate service

Hot product

countersunk head break head rivet

countersunk head break head rivet

Product brand: Zhekun surface treatment: zinc, copper, nickel, tin Standard No.: national standard, IFI / DIN so...


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